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We have compiled a comprehensive library of resources relating to all things Oil, Oil Analysis and Oil Cleaning Equipment for your reference. If you don’t find what you came for please give us a call or email us as we are committed to helping you get your oil under control.

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Oil Analysis

Order Oil Analysis and Sampling Kit Online

Easily order an Oil Sampling Kit including Oil Analysis Online, we will have your report back to you within 24 hours of receiving the sample.

Oil Analysis: The baseline for all condition monitoring

Starters guide to Oil Analysis and Condition Monitoring

Oil a Brief Run Down

A quick lesson in Oil to build understanding of lubrication and terminology

Oil Analysis – Why Bother

We discuss why Oil Analysis is beneficial and how it can help

Oil Analysis – The Tests

List of the most common Oil Analysis Tests and why they are used

Oil Analysis Tests – What they Mean

A discussion about all of the Oil Analysis Tests and how that related to your Oil

Taking an Oil Sample

Detailed step by step instruction with pictures on how to take and Oil Sample

Sample Oil Analysis Report

View or download a Sample Clean Oil Services Oil Analysis Report

Oil Cleaning Equipment

Get an Equipment Quote

If your in need of Oil Cleaning Equipment, all you need to do is complete the online form and we will get back to you with a quote generally within 24 hours


List or our Oil Cleaning Equipment with basic specifications

Lubemaster Portable Oil Cleaning Centrifuge

The Lubemaster concept, abilities, reasons and all the Specifications of our Oil Cleaning Equipment

Transformer Oil Conditioning

Lubemaster in conjunction with our Fullers Earth system which allows for the total cleaning of transformer oil regardless of its original condition.

Client Testimonials and Case Studies

Thank you for alerting me yesterday to the problem with Oil Sample

Oil Sample Contaminates were unusually high for this equipment, which helped identify issues…

Gas Booster Turbines Cleaned and Dehydrated in 24 hours

How the Lubemaster OS600 cleaned and dehydrated large quantity of oil overnight

Transformer Oil Cleaning

Lubemaster shows good results cleaning Transformer Oil

Final Drive Analysis Results after filtering with Lubemaster OS600

Results achieved in Coal operation cleaning final drive oil with Lubemaster OS600

Custom Designed to Restore Oil Condition

We customise Oil Cleaning Equipment to meat your specific requirements

Lubemaster Cleans Gear Oil in Dump Trucks

Feedback of CAT 793 Dum Truck Gear Oil Cleaned with Lubemaster

Oil Purification in Tanzania

Successfully cleaning oil without borders

OS200 Air Lubemaster to suit Explosive Zone

Intrinsic Safe Certification for Custom Designed and Built Oil Cleaning Equipment

Recharging Transformer Oil

Increased Dielectric Strength through filtering and dehydration

Oil Filtration and Oil Purification