Lubemaster OS600FE Centrifugal Oil Filtration Unit with Fullers Earth

This model has been designed incorporating Fullers Earth to reduce acids in oil.  Applications include heat transfer oils, turbine and compressor oils.  Fullers Earth will assist in restoring colour, however there is an additional cost with replacement Fullers Earth elements.  The Vertical Vacuum Chamber has been utilised for higher water removal.

The Lubemaster cleans the oil to cleaner than ‘new oil specs’ without altering the characteristics of the oil.

Features & Specifications

Standard Features Include:
  • 70LPM Centrifuge
  • 16 Element Fullers Earth Chamber
  • Skids only
  • Vertical Vacuum
  • 7.5kW Heater
  • Non-slip step
  • 5mtr lengths Delivery & Suction Hoses
  • 10mtr power lead
  • Spare O-Ring set
  • Manufactured to suit all electrical codes
  • Height 1800mm
  • Length 1850mm
  • Width 1500mm
  • Weight 950kg
Optional Extras Include:
  • Electric Vacuum
  • Particle Counter
  • Moisture Meter
  • Trailer Mounted


Download a Lubemaster Brochure

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