Oil Filtration Services

Don’t discard lubricants at the first sign of contamination. Save oil and money with our oil filtration systems.

Your machinery is a substantial investment and needs ongoing attention to work effectively. Machine failure or malfunction due to lubrication problems can result in costly downtime and expensive spare parts and maintenance costs.

The traditional response is to change out the lubricant, but it is far more cost effective and eco-friendly to filter. Using a centrifuge coupled with a vacuum dehydration system minimises expenditure on lubrication and maintenance while maintaining optimal lubrication efficiency.

Clean Oil Services offers a way to extend the life of your lube. Over time your lubricant can become contaminated with particles, water and other contaminants. When contamination reaches a certain level, it starts to seriously diminish the lubricating properties of the oil as well as causing machine wear.

Oil Filtration Equipment

At Clean Oil Services we have a wide range of filters and breathers to complement our own range of Lubemaster filtration equipment. We will help you find the oil filtration solution that’s right for you. We can also custom design and install complete oil filtration systems according to specifications, and offer fuel and oil storage filtration and breathers for bulk installations.

Our range of innovative Lubemaster oil filtration and cleaning equipment is suited to clean all oils as well as diesel fuel.  Supported by an oil analysis and condition monitoring service, it ensures a complete program of lubrication optimisation. Utilising the total package ensures your equipment is benefitting from maximum lubrication efficiency.

Oil Filtration Services

Filtering is best done as part of a system that begins with analysis and incorporates centrifugal methods to remove contaminants and vacuum dehydration to remove water. An effective oil filtration machine can extend the working life of lubricants considerably, making it a cost effective process.

Clean Oil Services has an oil filtration machine for every lubrication need. We are the experts in Lubrication Management and can assist you with your lubrication, contamination control and wear management issues through our pro-active oil analysis and innovative oil cleaning equipment.

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