Powermaster OS1200 Centrifugal Oil Filtration Turbine Unit

The Lubemaster OS1200 Turbine Model

This model is capable of restoring large volumes of the most highly contaminated turbine oil making it suitable for power stations and substations.  The trailer mounted option allows for backing the unit up to the turbine for easy connection to the system.

Features & Specifications

It’s vertical vacuum chamber coupled with the 30kW heater make it extremely effective at water removal as well as degassing the oil.  The dual centrifuges which have a variable flow rate to 8400 litres per hour, remove particle contamination, including varnishes and cellulose to submicron levels.

The Powermaster range of turbine oil filtration equipment has reversible pumps and filter systems to deliver pristine oil to oil compartments.

Standard Features Include:
  • 1000Lt Holding Tank
  • 2 x OS600 Centrifuges  (8400 LPH Flow)
  • 30kW Heater
  • Electronic Flow selection
  • Electric Vacuum
  • Size Range: 4200-8400 LPH
  • Desiccant Breathers
  • Final 3um Filter
  • Delivery & Suction Hoses
  • 15mtr power lead 60amp
  • Spare O-ring set
  • Manufactured to suit all electrical codes
Optional Extras Include:
  • Inline Fullers Earth attachment
  • Trailer Mounted for ease of operation
  • Particle Counter
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