Oil Analysis: Why Bother?

Your equipment is an investment, costly to repair, and more often costly to have standing idle due to unscheduled stand-downs.
Communicate with and monitor your machinery through oil sampling

Trending wear metal levels over set time intervals, gives us a signature from which we monitor the wear rates of a compartment. We can then work on reducing wear levels, which converts to extended component life, longer oil life and higher production through lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime.

Maximise lubrication life

More often than not, oil is changed unnecessarily. Changing oil on condition achieves the optimum life from your oil, maximising your machines protection and completely eliminating any risk associated with guesswork through oil analysis. Our filtration systems will maintain a cleaner environment for your machinery, equating to lower wear rates.

Keep contamination under control and monitor key issues and oil life can be extended indefinitely.

Protect your warranty

Monitor your wear and detect any abnormal wear before your machine runs out of warranty or breaks down. Trending stores your history and allows you to calculate wear rates and forecast component life.

Program your shutdowns

Working with a properly controlled oil analysis program enables you to plan and minimise lost time due to unscheduled repairs and downtime. With oil analysis you will plan your oil changes and repairs to fit your schedule.

Forecast failures

Reduce repair costs and be alerted to failures before they become catastrophic and often destroy entire systems. Oil analysis is widely recognised as the most effective form of early fault detection in rotating machinery, and is often the only form of fault detection in a wide variety of lubricated systems.

Protect your investment

The better condition you maintain your equipment the more reliable, the more productive the higher the profits.

Protect the environment

Using less lubricant means less dumping and better resource management, reducing the pressure on our fragile environment.

Save money

Reduce your lubrication and production costs by optimising performance with extended component life, minimal lube costs and planned shutdowns. More production = higher profits!

Better lubrication management

Your oil is like your machinery, look after it, maintain it and it will serve you better for longer. Look into your machinery and see what is causing wear and degrading your oil, you can then take positive steps to improve conditions.
Your bottom line is our business – a partnership with Clean Oil Services will increase it