Lubemaster Overview

The Lubemaster Portable Oil Cleaning Centrifuge, is a unique Australian innovation that is environmentally friendly and guaranteed to cut your lubrication costs.

By utilising the oil driven centrifuge together with vacuum dehydration, we have found a low cost method to clean oil to unprecedented levels.
Lubemaster Portable Oil Cleaning Centrifuge

The Lubemaster concept came about due to the findings in our oil analysis laboratory. For years we have been changing oil simply because it was loaded with contamination. We then dispose of this oil, often throwing away a perfectly good product which is simply loaded with contamination which could easily have been removed.

So the question arose that if the viscosity of the oil is within limits and holding, TBN/TAN is within limits and the contamination levels are contained below limits, why do we want to throw that oil away?

All that remains is to check for diesel dilution and water ingression in engines which we can very easily check along with all of the above properties by a comprehensive oil analysis program.


On engines, we bolt the centrifuge to the engine which is driven by the engine’s oil pressure and operates whilst ever the engine is running.

Lubemaster portable oil cleaning units with their own pumps which utilise an oil driven centrifuge, coupled with vacuum dehydration to clean used oil to a higher level than is possible with other fluid filtration systems, usually without the cost of replacement elements.

The Lubemaster is a portable stand alone unit kidney loop or dialysis style oil filtration system which offers the following benefits
  • Removes particles to sub micron size.
  • Removes all three types of water (free, emulsified & molecularly bonded) Degases the oil
  • Cleans an operating system to cleaner levels than oil change.
  • No elements to replace – just wash the rotor, re-assemble and switch on.
  • Fully portable with robust lifting lugs.
  • 200L holding tank option for total filtration, decanting and clean oil storage.
  • Cleans high viscosity gear oils at full flow rate.
  • Units available from 12-70 LPM capacities.
  • Positive oil return system to prevent rotor bogging.
  • Prevents acid build up hence reduces oil degradation and additive depletion.
  • Suitable for all oils including transformer oil and diesel cleaning.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Fullers Earth to completely restore oil condition.
  • Optional vacuum pump where air supply is a problem.
  • Option particle counter to indicate when cleaning has reached desired levels.
The centrifuge myth explained.

Centrifuge filtration works on density, not pore size. Consequently a higher level of cleanliness can be maintained than with other oil filtration systems. The more dense contamination particles are removed and contained in the rotor without effecting additive levels…. Additives are not effected unless they separate on standing.

WARNING – Oils containing Molybdenum disulphide cannot be cleaned with the Lubemaster machines as the Molybdenum metal is more dense, hence heavier than is oil. Molybdenum settles on standing hence will be removed from the oil if centrifugal filtration is used.

The centrifuge is capable of rotor speeds approaching 7000rpm. Any contaminates with a higher density than oil will be slung to the outside perimeter of the rotor where they are trapped for removal when the rotor is cleaned.

Reduce wear, extend oil and machine life by maintaining cleaner operating conditions with lower operating costs with no replacement elements.

Your equipment is an investment, costly to repair and often more costly to have standing idle due to un-scheduled stand-downs.

The new LubeMaster Oil Cleaning Unit can extend the working life of industrial lubrication oil many fold, often indefinitely, thus extending the life of machinery by reduced wear and improving operating conditions.

Other systems use pore filters which greatly reduce flow rates and make it impractical to clean heavy grade oils to fine cleanliness levels whilst maintaining flow rates at high viscosities.

LubeMaster can decrease the amount of oil disposed by industry and make it more economical to use expensive synthetic oils thus saving money, reducing pressures on the environment and increasing uptime.

Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd, based in Townsville and with offices in Dallas Texas, USA, as well as Lethbridge, Alberta, CANADA offers a comprehensive oil lubrication management service to its customers. The key to our success is our microscopic wear analysis program which literally looks inside the machine, allowing us to identify wear causes, identify and locate the source of contamination and recommend actions to increase oil and machine life.

Our extensive laboratory work lead to the development of the Lubemaster oil cleaning systems. For years, we have been changing oil and disposing of it simply because it has become laden with contamination. More often than not the life of the oil is far from spent; if the contaminants are removed oil life can be extended.

“Oil is no different to any other part of machinery, service it and it will last longer.” This is the principal around which the Lubemaster was designed. In other words, keep out the particles and water contamination and the additives will not degrade, thus oil life can be extended indefinitely.

Studies show that “This type of machinery on the market has the potential to decrease Australia’s annual $2 billion industrial lubrication expenditure by 50 percent and is now becoming highly sought after by the international market,”

Oil analysis is an integral part of the unit’s success. Clean Oil Services conducts oil analysis on used oil from within an operating machine, providing useful information about the condition of the machine and the lubricant and proving the benefits of the Lubemaster system. The lubrication management and condition monitoring systems work to improve housekeeping and reduce operating costs with increased machine availability by cleaning the oil whilst it remains online. Keeping lubricant and equipment in peak operating condition means less oil will be contaminated by water or particles and discarded.

With no elements to replace and no need to shut down fixed plant to clean the oil, Lubemaster, is the cheapest and most efficient form of oil cleaner available on the market today – there are virtually no ongoing operating costs apart from electricity, to run the machine – All components are serviceable and only basic operator skill levels are required
The Lubemaster vacuum dehydration system requires only workshop air to operate and will remove emulsified and free water as most machine operates.

Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd and Lubemaster is at the forefront of modern lubrication technology with some of the most technically advanced practices available for oil analysis and preventive maintenance programs.

Particle Counter
Rubber filled
Rubber filled
Rubber filled

Lubemaster Models

Lubemaster offers several options for flow rates and configurations and can be designed to suit many applications and budgets.
Our model options are not limited to the above sizes; some variations include an air operated model, 240 volt 3phase inverter and models with and without vacuum.

Permanently fitted configurations are available for constant filtering on hydraulic systems and both fixed and mobile machinery eg excavator, drills and dump truck hydraulic systems.

The applications for Lubemaster to extend oil life are limited only by the imagination.

With lubrication technology and machine design technology advances, we are still exercising the age old practices of changing oil on time intervals. Oil does not degrade if it is used in the correct application and if water levels are controlled. The technology is available to accurately check oil quality and condition – why not use it and change oil only on condition?

The dollar savings are huge and the environmental effects are immeasurable.

Lubemaster will put you in control of contamination, allowing you to remove the water and contaminants to sub-micron levels whilst machinery continues to operate, without the need to replace costly elements.

Don’t change oil again… Sounds too good to be true?

Proper maintenance of your oil with the Lubemaster oil cleaning centrifuge will eliminate the need for changing oil in most lubricated systems except engines. Engines generate their own unique contaminants which need to be removed constantly, so we fit the centrifuge directly to the engine; oil changes are decreased by 4 to 5 times normal and in some engines indefinitely. Performance is confirmed only by laboratory results.

Fullers Earth elements

An optional attachment is the Fullers Earth elements which will remove the acids and spent additives which have built up in the oil over prolonged periods of time (usually years of use) by absorbing them and completely removing them from the oil.

Fullers earth elements are replaceable and will scrub the oil back to new specs. If additives are spent we will spike them back to new by adding a new package and revamping the oil back to new specs – all under controlled laboratory conditions.

Turbine Oil Before and After Oil filtration

This unit is designed to accommodate the full flow of the Lubemaster at 90 lpm throughout the full range of oils.
Let the Lubemaster transform your oil.

Dirty Oil Clean Oil

Without shutting down….
205 litres of turbine oil (see samples before and after treatment) was run for 7 hours through Lubemaster’s centrifuge/vacuum dehydrator with the optional Fullers Earth attachment.*

Water was reduced to 25ppm, particulates to below NAS 4 and TAN reduced from 1.6 mgKOH/gm to 0.06 mgKOH/gm. Colour, air release and the oxidation stability (RBOT) all returned within specifications. *NB: The optional Fullers Earth attachment does require replacement elements.

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