Oil Analysis: The baseline for all condition monitoring.

If your business is dependent on the smooth running of machinery, you need to invest in a pro-active oil analysis program. This will ensure your lubrication is protecting your machinery and is cost effective. Clean Oil Services offers comprehensive oil analysis services as part of our condition monitoring program.

To get the best from the lubrication in your machinery, you need accurate data on the current rate of machine wear and tear, lubricant condition, and level and types of contaminants. This data allows you to optimise your oil usage and plan more effective maintenance. Oil analysis kits are provided to assist in taking uncontaminated oil samples.

Oil Analysis Methods

Microscopic allows us to see exactly which contamination is compromising your machine’s health together with the type of wear it causes. We can determine if the correct oil is used for the application and take photographs for future comparison. An ICP Spectrometer is used to identify particle compositions. Another key test is for viscosity.
Engine oil analysis includes diesel testing to detect whether unburnt fuel is entering the oil. When extending oil drains in engines, the engine oil analysis will also need to include a TBN. The condition of your lubricant is of such key importance that checking it is not something that should be done ad hoc. You need a structured and clearly defined program of oil sample analysis to obtain the information you need to make decisions.

Oil Analysis Program – Defining Limits

One key objective of the program is to define the limits beyond which remedial actions need to be taken. Our oil analysis services are structured to carry out these definitions in conjunction with the machine operators. We take into account such factors as the present condition of the machinery in question, along with the objectives for its performance. Each machine must be assessed individually according to its role and budgetary concerns. Conditions are unique for each operation so each report is tailored to suit the specific compartment. Lubrication technology has advanced much in recent years and continues to do so. Using the latest methods and starting with an oil analysis kit, you can benefit from machinery that runs sweeter, lasts longer and uses the minimal amount of oil. Just think how that would improve your bottom line. Clean Oil Services provides a comprehensive oil analysis program, incorporating various oil analysis kits for all your lubrication needs. We offer a one report system for condition monitoring, contamination control, lubrication and wear management.

Oil Sample Analysis:
  • Is the baseline for overall site improvement
  • Monitors machine condition and wear
  • Monitors oil condition and performance
  • Facilitates oil changes on condition
  • Identifies contamination problems specific to your site
  • Takes the risk out of trials and innovations.
  • Allows more efficient maintenance planning.
We lead the way:
  • By becoming part of your maintenance team.
  • Keeping you up to date with the latest technology.
  • Sharing successes for continued improvement.
  • Guaranteed 24 hour turnaround of results.
  • Supplying photos so you too can see what’s going on.
  • Using our technology to provide you with recommendations to improve your machine health.
Our state of the art equipment ensures that you get the maximum benefit possible for your investment
Get the full picture with microscopic analysis:
  • Standard on all samples
  • The type of wear particles will tell you what is happening and how your internals are performing
  • Look at oil condition and monitor oil performance
  • See and monitor soot particles with engine oil analysis
  • See what really is going on inside
  • Trend wear with maximum precision
  • See the contamination that’s affecting your equipment
  • Take the guess work out of oil sample analysis<
Our typical analysis service includes:
  • Microscopic wear debris analysis including particle count, particle size and wear modes.
  • ICP spectrographic analysis (PPM) of 14 elements including 6 wear metals, 2 contaminants and 6 oil additives.
  • Water, diesel dilution and viscosity measurement.
  • Diesel dilution included with engine oil analysis.
  • 24 hour turnaround of results including electronic download and full reporting with emergency response.

TAN and TBN are available as an extra.
Oil Analysis kits are available in various sizes

Grease analysis:
  • Microscopic analysis on wear debris in grease.
  • Acid digestion for accurate spectrographic analysis.
  • Wear metals as a percentage of weight.
Other analysis services available include:
  • Transformer oil testing including dissolved gas analysis and oil condition.
  • Diesel condition testing includes calorific value, density, wax point and contamination levels.
  • Bunker fuel oil testing including pH, contamination, flash point and heavy metals.

To order an oil analysis kit or for more information on engine oil analysis or tests for any other compartment, contact us today.