Oil Analysis for Extending the Life of your Oil

Date: Friday, March 14, 2014

A smart Maintenance Professional knows that an effective oil analysis program saves time and money.  An oil analysis program becomes effective when it is incorporated within an overall program that includes:

  • good housekeeping functions
  • properly fitted breathers
  • appropriate storage & dispensing systems
  • correct oil grades in use
  • oil purification

Oil analysis is a means of monitoring the condition of both the oil and the machine, similar to blood tests in a pathology lab.  The oil analysis test results reveal wear trends of the equipment as well as the condition of the oil, and identify the contamination issues affecting the machine’s operation.  Proper test results can safely facilitate oil changes on condition rather than time or klm based.  This one change in maintenance practices can bring about huge savings in lubrication expenditure.  Double the life of the oil (which is essentially dropping one oil change) and halve the total lubrication expenditure.   Doubling the oil life is certainly not radical and in many instances the norm would be to extend it out to four times and in some instances indefinitely.


Provided that the oil is regularly monitored with a scheduled oil analysis program this practice can be done without risk to machines.

The technology used to formulate todays lubricating oil is far more advanced than it was back when OEM’s started to recommend oil changes every 250 hours.  Provided quality oils are used and contamination is controlled and/or removed, most oils can be kept in service indefinitely.  Oil is similar to expensive machinery in the respect that if it is looked after and serviced, it will last much longer and its useful life can be maximised.

Extending oil life can only be practised together with a quality and proactive oil analysis program, otherwise risks of damaging expensive equipment and breakdown would be high.  The oil analysis laboratory must be aware that extending oil life is part of the maintenance programme so that the tribologist can make recommendations appropriate to the situation.

Clean Oil Services offers a comprehensive oil analysis program and specialise in assisting clients with extending oil life and can give expert advice to give you peace of mind while reducing your lubrication expenditure.  If you would like further information please contact us on +61 7 47287777 or Bob@cleanoilservices.com.

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