Invest in your lubrication program – it’s worth it.

Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Your equipment is an investment, and a costly one at that.

It’s why we have maintenance programs, rather than throwing equipment away every time it needs work, and replacing it.

Now think of lubricant the same way. It too, is a costly investment. Our Lubemaster range works on the same principal, maintain – don’t replace.

You’re replacing oil because it’s taken on the contaminant that’s present in your machinery, this doesn’t mean that your oil is now a contaminant- it’s just CARRYING the contaminant. Rather than throwing that oil away, service it.

Our Lubemaster range can remove the contamination, particle & water, cleaning the oil to submicron levels and condensation to less than 50ppm. Our Lubemaster’s are a dialysis system, meaning the lubricant can be constantly maintained, with little downtime AND without using costly replacement elements.

With the use of our Lubemaster range you can massively decrease ongoing production costs, extend the machinery’s component life, increase uptime and reduce your environmental footprint, as well as save some big money on oil spend.

…and isn’t that the entire point of maintenance?

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