Drag Your Lubrication Program into the Modern Age

Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Change your oil at 3000 miles… Gear oils can’t be filtered… Oil’s cheap… You can’t clean oil… Lubricant storage and dispensing isn’t important… Old oil is the primary cause of lubricant-related equipment breakdowns….

We’ve all heard them, the myths and half-truths. I’ve seen the old fashioned schedules, and maintenance programs from the stone age – met people who swore black and blue that we couldn’t do what we promised. Guess what? We proved those people wrong.

I often see lubricant advertisements, they highlight words like NEW, MODERN, ADVANCED, EVOLVED. If what these ads are proffering is true, and lubricant technology has improved so drastically, why are they still recommending the same archaic maintenance programs?

The contaminant present in your machine collects in the lubricant. Once the lubricant has reached a certain age the old school procedure is chuck it out and replace it, this usually means disposing of a perfectly good product.

My question, as almost always, is why?

There’s nothing wrong with the lubricant, it hasn’t become a contaminant – it’s just carrying the contaminant. Technology is available to test the integrity of that oil and make sure that it remains fit for service.

Our Lubemaster range can be installed permanently on fixed plant where it can run continuously (with little downtime) or used intermittently on mobile equipment when it is in for servicing. Your oil can be maintained in as new condition at all times with yet another bonus – there are no replacement elements or consumables required except electricity.

Know what that means? No more unnecessary oil changes. No more filter changes. No more guessing games. No more wasted cash on ‘new’ lubricant you don’t need.

It feels, to me, like a no brainer. Our technology generally equates its cost vs your lubricant costs in less than SIX MONTHS. Then it’s just all profit. This is without even considering the increase in production, the decrease in componentry replacement costs, maintenance downtime and waste costs.

So rather than running a high cost maintenance program, including frequent oil and filter changes, talk to us about the advantages of our Lubemaster system.

 Oil is what we do. Let us share our technology with you, so you too can enjoy the savings.

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