Case Study 8

Case Study 8
OS200 Air Lubemaster to suit Explosive Zone.

OS200 (Air) Lubemaster To Suit High Explosive Zone

The QNI Hydrogen Plant was experiencing high contamination in their high capacity hydrogen compressors, with Oil Analysis results regularly showing contamination levels beyond specs.  The challenge was to develop a Lubemaster unit capable of operating in a high explosive zone and meeting intrinsic certification.

The OS200 Air Model which operates with no electricity suited all site requirements.  The centrifuge and vacuum operate on air only.

Results were evident within 2 days of commissioning the unit, with very high volumes of contamination removed and Oil Analysis results showing immediate improvement. Oil consumption decreased dramatically as a direct result.

Sludge removed from oil centrifuge
View of Oil Cleaning Centrifuge contaminates
Intrinsically safe Lubemaster Custom Oil Cleaning Equipment

Excerpt from a Company Newsletter to Fixed Plant
Maintenance Staff at QNI
Dated March 2007

“Several months ago, an issue was raised regarding oil contamination in the Gas Plant Syngas Compressors.  Oil changes were done annually and this required a shutdown period with obvious production impacts.  Even after the oil changes, oil contamination levels still remained high – potentially reducing the compressors mechanical life.  To address this contamination, an innovative centrifugal oil cleaner was installed.  This has successfully been used to filter the oil from a Syngas Compressor.

The cleaner is interchangeable between both Syngas compressors, portable, and can be installed without interruptions to operations.  It is manufactured locally, and is the first of it’s kind to be made with an air driven motor, which removes the need for any hazardous area rated electrical equipment.  Thanks to our staff and Bob Smith from Clean Oil Services, who was instrumental in making the project a success.”