Case Study 3

Case Study 3
Transformer Oil – Cleaning.

Good results cleaning transformer oil with the Lubemaster OS600

Approximately 100 litres of waste Shell Diala M transformer oil was decanted into the Lubemaster.  An initial sample of the oil was taken and testing showed the following results:

Water % of Saturation68%
Dielectric Strength5kV
Particle Count

The Lubemaster filtered the oil for approximately 8 hours at 40degC with pump pressure of 60psi and vacuum -7.  At this time a second oil sample was taken and tested.  The tests showed the following results.

Water % of Saturation20% DOWN 48%
Dielectric Strength60kV INCREASE OF 55kV
Particle Count
Image shows bottom of rotor after cleaning oil
Bottom of Rotor
Image showing closeup of bottom of rotor after oil cleaning
Bottom of Rotor
Scrapings from the centrifuge rotor
Scrapings from centrifuge rotor
Scrapings of contaminates from oil cleaning centrifuge
Scrapings from centrifuge rotor
Before and After oil samples
Results from trial at Australia Paper Mill in Victoria.