Case Study 2

Case Study 2
Gas Booster Turbines: Cleaned and dehydrated in 24 hours.

Gas Booster Turbines: Cleaned and dehydrated in 24 hours

Using our Lubemaster OS600 model, a gas booster pumping station cleaned and dehydrated 3,000 Lt of contaminated oil overnight. The 3,000 Litres of oil in the Solar Turbine Unit had been contaminated with water throughout the system. Circulation was started with the Lubemaster at 10am. At 7.30am the following day, the oil in the sump was found to be amber and clear of water. By 4pm the entire system including the cooler had been cleared of contamination and was ready for start up.

Another Power Station has a say: Comments on the performance of a Lubemaster OS600 fitted with a 3um final filter used to do initial cleanup on 3 newly installed turbines at recently commissioned Origin Power Station at Dalby as an alternative to replacing oil.

“The machine is performing splendidly. We have reduced the flush by 75%…What was originally done in 40 days is now done in 10 days. The man-hours savings will pay for itself in great fashion.

I must say, I will be your greatest proponent for your machine when I go to the states on the Empire Power Project in Upstate NY………..”

Best Regards,
Mech. Start Up Engineer – CH2M

Gas Turbines Cleaned and Dehydrated on site
Oil Samples before and after cleaning and dehydration