TAN / TBN Determination

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Features & Specifications

Total Base Number (TBN)

This Base reserve is called the TOTAL BASE NUMBER which is a measure of the level of BASE in the oil and is determined by measuring the amount of Potassium Hydroxide in mg taken to neutralise the base reserve in 1 gram of oil (mgKOH/gm).

Total Acid Number (TAN)

In non-combustion situations, we don’t have the by products of combustion to cause acids to form; however to a lesser extent, we experience acid generation as the additive package of the oil is depleted due to use and the effect of moisture.

TAN / TBN Determination if additional for each sample. e.g. If you need 3 samples with TAB / TBN Determination you will need to have 3 sample kits and 3 TAN / TBN Determination options.